The Shrine is situated amidst a lush forest of thin, high trees, with a bright yellowish green sheen on their leaves, casters of soft shade. At the bases of these trees are occasional ferns, but mostly the ground consists of rich, dark, moist earth.

The Shrine itself is an @-shaped building (as seen from above). It is primarily made of a platinum-iridium alloy and large amounts of glass, both which are kept spotlessly clean. There are three floors. The first is left with it's natural transparency and the silver-white feel. The second (below ground level, as is the third) has bright, hot pink elements strung through it, mostly in form of an elegant pattern on the walls near the ceiling. The third one is almost entirely black, broken again by the same hot pink elements.

The "a" in the center is, on all levels, a circular construction, not a ring-shaped corridor. On the top level, it's - furthermore - a dome. This construction has a diameter of 25 meters. The corridor that is the spiral of the @ is 5 meters wide. The main entrance is at the end of the spiral, a glass slide-door, automated.

The corridors on the second and third levels are littered with doors leading into rooms outside the @ structure that the first (top most) level represents. These doors are stickered with various signs: "Hell", "Pleasure Tools", "Staff Only", "Backstage", "Control Room", "Danger! High Volume", "Animal exhibition: The dangerous Fan". The doors don't neccessarily open with handles, but sometimes with buttons, levers or sometimes multiple gadgets, even number locks (though mostly these are easily figured out by being either 440, 777, 013, 666, 1990, or equally easy to figure out ones).

The first(/top) floor's spiral corridor is strung with exhibitions such as the "This guitar kills metaphor" guitar, King's leash, Karl Leiker's vial, an Alcor application sheet, a model of the Freeman & Barnet (sp?) ex-mental asylum, a rack of posters and a copy of Baudrillard's "Astral America" essay. It's center is divided into four rooms, of which the center one is perfectly triangular, with a pink 'outline' drawn onto the floor along this triangle's edges. In the middle of this room, illuminated by the light falling in from the dome above aswell as extra floodlights at night, is the Slide, in a high security container, visible, though. The other three rooms are each dedicated to one of the band - Noko, H, or T-Bone.

The stereo/hifi room spans the entire center part of the second level, 40 black @-shaped speakers strung along the walls, spaced at regular intervalls (with exception of the way out to the corridor, which is obviously not blocked). The room's otherwise perfect circle shape is broken only by a pillar right in it's center, which is also where the hifi stands, 1 meter off the ground, on a ledge that is part off the pillar. The music can be heard in almost all parts of the Shrine when played here.

The center of the third level is divided again into a smaller circle and the resulting ring around it, creating a corridor. This corridor's walls are painted/styled in such a manner that pulsating rectangles litter it, visible on the black background, the rectanges shifting colours between a bright silvery white and various lumination shades of magenta/passion pink - all in all giving a very psychadelic feel to this corridor. Within the other circle are two rooms seperated by a wavey wall (if one could see this construction from above, it would thus bear resemblance to a yinyang). One of these rooms is a cinema designed for the viewing of @440 music videos & 440 related movies. The other is a PC & console room dedicated to the games that have anything to do with @440.

It is rumoured that Dude resides in The Shrine, however, since he has yet to be sighted, this remains a legend, despite, eh... people going amiss from the center room of the third level from time to time. We're working on finding that darned spacetime rift that must be lingering there somewhere!

(to be continued, inspiration welcome)


  • Danger! High Voltage
  • Hell
  • Backstage