It is larger inside then it looks from the outside, and very airy. It's painted light grey with the occasional blue @ sign with the 4 40 in magenta embossed on the walls. The wall facing the door is dominated bye a large four panelled window, looking out over the surrounding area. Hanging above the windows are some jetblack blinds which can be lowered at the flick of a switch which resides by the door in a small silver box.This switch is a bright furious red.
Against the eastfacing wall are several large and comfy black sofas which are scattered with various cushions in varying shades of blue and red.
In front of these sofas sits a large but low glass-topped table with various mugmats scattered - neatly - across it. In the middle of this table sits a flower made of steel with it's center being a magenta crystal.
On the west facing wall there is a large screen television, the button-loaded remote to which rests on the table. This TV can show, at the touch of a button, a part of the Shrine in full sound and colour. On the wall next to the TV is the picture ' Dude Descending A Staircase'. It's framed in green and black.
The lighting in this room is subtle silver uplighters in the four corners of the room.The bulbs in these uplighters are all white. There is a striplight though in the middle of the ceiling too though and when this is lit, it can be seen that the striplight bulb is a very dark purple, so that when it is lit, black light radiates from it. This seems to be the light used the most as poking out from behind one couch is another - spare - striplight - boxed up and quite obviously the same colour. In one of the corners near the door is another - smaller - TV linked to a PSX. There's a pile of games resting beside it, the top two can be seen as being Wipeout 2097 and Rapid Racer.
Hanging in such a spot that any light would hit it is a large flame shaped clear crystal this reflects rainbows of colour on to the nearest wall when light hits it.
In one corner by the window there's a sleek black hifi with a pile of various CDs beside it. These CDs vary from Apollo 4 40 to Gaye Bykers On Acid and Luxuria, the list goes on.
In front of the window is a waist high black table which, just now has a Liverpool FC scarf cast across it and several silver bracelets as well as a pair of sunglasses. There's also a notepad - closed - lying here with a pink pen lying on top of it. The whole room is elegant but casual. This is obviously one of the places the band and maybe other people like to relax but also where they can still keep an eye on what's happening elsewhere in the Shrine.