The double doors are heavy, made of steel, hinges rusted as if from a millennium of salty rain. Seemingly hundreds of bones are attached to the doors' surface, making a demonic pattern around the word "Hell" etched deeply into the center. The door handles are warm, and feel frighteningly like human flesh. With a simple tug, gears moan loudly and the doors slowly swing open with a devilish scream of complaint from the old and weary hinges.

There is the low beat of bass from Apollo 4 40 music heard from the entrance. The inside is dark, the only light a crimson glow, like that of blood. It comes from fiery craters, filled with what appears to be magma, dotting the spacious room. The luminance shines upon rocky walls and outlines many large stalactites and stalagmites. In the very center is a tall, gothic fountain decorated with gargoyles and dragons, flowing with a thick scarlet liquid that has a coppery smell and taste. From beneath the fountain, several stone-lined ditches radiate outwards, clearly defining the room's inverted pentagram shape. There are four all together, criss-crossing the area.

Each is marked with a stone tablet and filled with a different liquid: Acheron - the river of woe, filled with a sweet-tasting beer; Cocytus - the river of lamentation, filled with a powerful vintage wine; Phlegethon - the river of fire, filled with "Dragonblood", a mixture of Ginger Ale, Syrup de Cassis and Lime; Lethe - the river of forgetfulness, filled with scotch; and Styx - the river of hate, filled with strong brandy. These rivers of hell separate the different areas of the room.

The area directly in front of the entrance is that of Sloth. Black, satin-lined chairs and sofas intersperse the vicinity. Counter-clockwise, the next area is Gluttony. A huge buffet is laid out amongst long tables with red silk table clothes. Every kind of food and drink imaginable is present. Next, there is Lust. There is Luxuria playing here, just loud enough to cover at a distance the soft groans coming from beds surrounded by think purple curtains. Next is Pride, then Anger. Divided in the center of the room are From there, the next is Envy. Displayed in this area are the best works of art and literature. Greed contains many huge, wide-screen HDTVs speckle the area. One plays nothing but Apollo 4 40 music videos, both official and fan made. Others are hooked up to various game consoles, each with every game made, and a few to digital cable with every channel imaginable.