OMGLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLROFLLOL! Did u SEE teh gorgeousNess of teh N && hs lovly nw band frankeNsteiN & teh lovly scrmptous lyrcs tey made??!?!?! U GOT 2 SEE TEM!
Oh. And Noko now has a groupie.
Fear me.

Oi. Stealth Day hangover. WHERE WERE YOU ON STEALTH DAY?! There were surprisingly few people around. Bad, bad FourFortyists. Pff. But at any rate, the log is now up for public viewing. Also, there are new #stealth descriptions in the respective section; and a new quote, from the same day, but in query, not in the actual channel.

New quote. Yup. Another. Good one, though, go look.

New IRC quote. Yeah, well, no real @440 news, sorry. ;)

Another IRC quote. Warning: Severe Neike randomness. Do not take seriously or you may implode.

Added a funny IRC quote to the cr@zy:quotes site. Check it.

Added MiC!'s christmas present: A profile update of his FourFortyist self. ^_~

Added some The Umbrella information, plus yet another pseudonym of Noko's. Don't argue. Um. Unless you're Noko, then you can argue, of course... *thinking: complications, bah!*

Followed up to MiC! and added the Soundtrack of Homegrown to the Movies section of the Song Appearances section. Decided to give up on the graphical interface of my owned CDs and instead added my recent aquirings to the bottom of the list (prior 2000 releases) or top of the list (post 2000 releases). Added in my owned @440-related videos, all formats. Editted the Yo!rg out of the 'related' part of the same site section, replaced the two links with one now titled "Custom Compilation CDs", and filled in the approcriate page. G'nyte.

A deeply meaningful scripture has been added to the bottom of the scriptures (d'oh) page in the The Cult section. *solemn nodding*
I would also like to abus-, erm, I mean, make use of this little spot to inform you that I am, in fact, rather sorry that my "Neike owns..." section is out of date [Dude Descending A Staircase is amiss, both single and album wise] but for the mp3 info page. This is because I am, IRL, currently moving, and things tend to be all over the place! Thanks for listening and enjoy your click quest through the Shrine.

Rapid Racer's facts section has been updated along the lines of difficulties and the track differences. Also, the Astral America Super Dunk Remix, along with lyrics, was added to the discography (genre: Fever, year: 1994).

The hints section in the rapid racer section of the site has been updated with new 'wrong way' record times and a slight warning message.

Two new rituals were added.

Please welcome Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dark, a new FourFortyist! And American Dub (Bert from the messageboard).

Added a 'soul count' to my Cult profile. Am shocked at how low it is. Must advertise more.

Updated the media section. I'm too lazy to put down the details.

Added the Japan-only release tracks [Make My Dreams Come True and Rock'n'Roll] to the genres under Fever & Yo respectively.

A new quote was added to the IRC section of the cr@zy:quotes page.

Added Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle to the movies section of the discography, as it apparently uses CA2000 again - go, Mr. Director... whatever your name is. I suck at names.

Some Rapid Racer updates.

Changed MiC!'s 'owned CDs' list. Added photos of MiC! and myself to the Cult member profiles. Added a few video/pc games to the 'discography:song appearances:other' section. Added another show to the 'discography:song appearances:tv' section. Added a few movies & their sountracks to the 'discography:song appearances' section (see a pattenr here?). Added the Spiderman trailer to... oh, come on, guess.
I broke up the Rapid Racer section into individual HTML pages & decided to finally hide that bloody counter off every page that is not the main one - frankly, it was merely ticking me off, and I'm sure it ticked others off, too. But I still want the information about pageviews & entry and exit pages, so... I hope this works. ^_~ Please report any pages that don't seem to want to load!
Also, the Rapid Racer page has been updated. Slightly, with hints on what to do in case you've been flipped around by the water.

See [3] from the previous entry and apply it to Something's Got To Give. Joerg has now got the title Official Lyric Decipherer.

Okay, I felt guilty and decided to transscript some lyrics at 1 in the morning. They are full of holes accordingly. Songs where my attention has not swerved over yet are: Bulletproof Blues, Check Your Ego, Children Of The Future (If this wasn't in the back of the album, here would be the point I would shriek, loudly), Dude Descending A Staircase, Hustler Groove & Time Is Running Out. 6 of 18. Means I've already done 12. Aren't I good? Eh. Considering the amount of holes... not really. Help is appreciated. Oh, yeah, and there's a new quote availible in the IRC section of the quotes page.
[2] Woe is laziness! I added the 'written by' (which I forgot to add for some strange reason) and changed the 1,2,3,4 lyrics a bit. Credits of that go to Joerg, er, I mean, H'Disi, Overlord of White Light.
[3] Same with Disco Sucks. Credits go to Joerg, again.

Added a small extra to the Blackout song information. Added DDAS as a rough sketch to the Shrine. Very little information, but at least I've categorized the songs into the genres. The Lyrics page is not updated. The Neike owns... page is also not updated (though I have DDAS[single] & DDAS[album]). "Neike's Chart" has been updated. Links have been updated slightly. Gallery is not yet updated. Basically, I'm just here to say: I feel a bit better now that the song names are on the Shrine. It's that lame. Now go play.

Added two quotes, one of which is a bit longer. Also, added a description of The Shrine (a/k/a #stealth ).

Changed the Crazy:Blackbeat section to show the winner of the contest! Congrats, Aixerona! Enjoy DDAS, the album!

Quotes have been added. Priceless, priceless quotes. Get a towel before you go look at them. I advise you.

Changed the member listing of the Cult. The statuses of some people have changed, ESPECIALLY highranking ones!

Added the tracklisting of the DDAS album - or at least of the promo thereof (depending on if the tracklisting will change from album-promo to album).

Added a priceless quote that Malice said after returning to the online world.

Check out the official website! It offers the music video to watch - and then you can obviously also hear the song then. Warning: Very psychadelic, very perverted. ^_~ Very non-anything-you-ever-heard-of-@440. But you expected that if you're here, I'm sure. About the official site: Hover over the individual letters of the pink & black "APOLLO440" on the side for surprises. The site is much more vast than the first impression makes seem! And it's currently under construction in places, but just have some patience. I updated the links page and right now, am grooving to DDAS. Canna wait for the single! NEED IT! NOW! GAH!

I found a picture of the second disc of the DDAS 2*12" promo. It can be found in year 13.

Added some Dude-related information, along with the new genre, "Dude". Aren't I just so creative? Bah.

More (AIM) quotes and some information on 'Satanism' in the 'science' section.

Added some quotes.

Added MiC!'s information about "The Real Blonde", the movie, in discography:by appearance:movies.

Been a while! Added 'Tarwedge' to the FourFortyism Cult (much to his initial complaining and whining) and gave the site a DDAS-makeup. Please be patient about colour details, though. Also, I added the "science" section, and added the 'related' section in the links.

Added a tidbit to the individual bandmember biographies - that Noko & H were in the same basketball team in their school days. You know where to find useless information and you know that place is here.

Added MiC!'s description of "Bedazzled", removing it from the soundtrack section and instead putting it where it belongs: "discography:by appearance:movies". Noko's name in the Cult was expanded a little - I forgot to add "Pink Goth The First" the last time around. Durh.

Sort of because of his birthday, The Joerg is now H'Disi in "the cult" - or HDISI: His Divine Intellect's Smaller Incarnation. He was also elevated to evil demigod status. W00t.

Happy birthday The Joerg!
That had to be said.
Just in time for his birthday, he's submitted a contest entry to the Blackbeat Single CD Cover contest! Yay! Go marvel at it in the crazy:blackbeat section.

Added tons of info: * New album info in "discography", more details (also random, unrelated details) in "discography: by year: 13". * Updated the main page for accuracy's sake. * Added info to H, Noko & Cliff's bios. * Added a link to a copy of the www.rockcool.com interview (the site no longer exists) in "media". * Fixed the Blackout lyrics & some spelling mistakes in the HOYOS transscription * Added two funny Malice quotes to the "crazy:quotes" section.

Added a "photo" of the fictional "E-Z Drum'n'Bass Orchestra" to "Information > Individual Biographies > Noko", so it's sort of where it belongs. Also finished the Millennium Fever review, aswell as a Krupa single review.

Added the release date of the single "Dude Descending A Staircase" onto the front page and, in the cr@zy section, the chat log from Stealth Sonic Day (15th March, in "Quotes > Events") in #stealth along with a description of the day (in "The Cult > Scriptures" and "The Cult > Rules").

Added a small paragraph to the newly created "scripture" page in The Cult.

Another quote added to the quote list.

Added another quote to the list of quotes. Added date tags to the quotes - the day they were added (not neccessarily the day they were made).

Added a partial MF review, fixed a few minor things, and added chat quotes of FourFortyists to the cr@zy section.

Changed the image of my CD rack ("originals") to accomodate the Rumble CD. Added, also, a review of Rumble, plus an image of the pretty CD itself. Created a new (currently inaccurate) test.

Fixed a few minor things and added Aixerona's contest entry.

Added information to the new IRC channel for chatting purposes.
Added Ky's contest entry to the Blackbeat contest.

Added a sitemeter to the page. Set it to 16. I'd expect that's more or less the minimum of pagehits I could have gotten from other people since this site is up (roughly), and I didn't want it displaying 0, because I'm picky like that. Just so you know.

Malice joined the Cult! Welcome!

Added the discography:appearances:other section after browsing amazon.de. Fixed a few random-ish things.

See discography:year for details on why there's suddenly all these 'Happy New Year' and 'New Album out Soon's around the Shrine.

Added an "Initiation Ritual" to the Cult section for further madness. I actually did this one with Nikkita Asmodeus Satana for the hell of it. T'was fun. For a moment it actually felt like we were being serious.

Added a Rapid Racer page dedicated to the game in detail, with tons of hints and clues. Still not finished (heh x_x) but worth a look.

MiC! entered a submission to the Blackbeat Single Cover contest!

Finally stuffed all the absolute nonsense together into the "cr@zy" section. Within is the Blackbeat contest that was announced on the Y!Group - along with my non-submission to adorn the page all boring like.

Added a personality test to this site. Actually it's been around longer, but I never bothered to link to it. Feel free to snatch the code. In fact, feel free to eMail me if you need help setting a personality test up yourself - I know what type of an arse it is to look for usable code out there.
Also added some information on MaryMary in the information section. Thanks goes to the Gaye Byker's On Acid fanpage "God Has A Scent Of Tuna"'s link page.
I also decided to be exceedingly immature and edit all ... to .... on my site - along with all ??? to ????. That's literal. I'm not blanking anything out, in case you assumed that.

Added the sections "Polish Interviews" (Two interviews in three parts & audio material to the second) and "Live Gigs" (Eight live gig pieces from Viva Two's Overdrive) to the media part of this site. Thanks to sneak for the webspace. This is the point where you really, really notice it.
Forgot to write in here, last update was "Music Videos" (Five new uploads & links to already uploaded .avi's - thanks to MiC!) in the same section along with "Simone's Interview with @440 on MTV" 1995 (In five parts + one audio file).

Added songs to the genres list(In [discography:by genre]).

Added a few CDs in the 'Neike owns....' section.
* Charlie's Angels 2000
* Stop The Rock CD1
* Don't Fear The Reaper
* Astral America
* Liquid Cool CD2
Added another TV show(In [discography:by song appearance]).

Updated a few pages with inconsistent spelling of Apollo 4 40/Apollo 440. The Shrine spells it "Apollo 4 40", nokodamnit! Any other spelling is most embarrassing to find on my own pages.
Added Spawn OST(In [discography:by year]), with Apollo 4 40 & Morphine's "This Is Not A Dream".
Added information on meetings(In [main:the cult]).

More information on go & resident evil(In [discography:by song appearance]).

The Story of Frederick Pasquan (In [discography:individual bandmember biographies:noko]) added.
"Go" and "Resident Evil" (In [discography:song appearances]) added.