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[ INTERMISSION : A Deeper Dub is awesome, but I currently don't have the time to update this site! I definitely plan to, though! ]

Welcome to the Apollo 4 40 Shrine on pinkgothic.com (formerly on datavibe, formerly on f2s), maintained by Neike.

You can find this site's chat room @ #dataclaw on irc.darkmyst.org.

PRIOR WARNING - this is not your regular fansite where you, yet again, only see that what you knew anyway (providing you really are a fan, of course). So don't look for the basics here. In this place's alphabet, N comes before M, and if your sentance trails off, four dots are grammatically correct!

( ( ( information ) ) )
Your usual information about the band, and details about members.
A bio and further info in three sections: Apollo 440 core members, current band members and contributors. Done, but resembles a swiss cheese.

( ( ( discography ) ) )
Song lists, by year, genre, appearances, 'chart'.
Except for 'appearances', it is better you don't expect anything normal.
I'll be more than happy if someone has additions to this section, especially in 'year' and 'appearances'.

( ( ( lyrics ) ) )
Full alphabetical list of all songs with lyrics, including links to them.

( ( ( gallery ) ) )
Pictures jotted all over the place, with things as minorly related as Luxuria and Devoto.
Hover over the blocks for a while for a thumbnail to load and appear, then click for the picture.

( ( ( audio + video ) ) )
Samples of fourforty things, in mp3, mpg and mov format - under construction.
Some musical rarities are sampled on the page, and a few videos are availible for download.

( ( ( rapid racer ) ) )
A whole subsection dedicated to the exploration of the game that is, in sound, 100% Apollo Four Forty.
Sorta done.

( ( ( science ) ) )
The science and philosophies that @440 songs center around.
Completely new and mostly blank.

( ( ( links ) ) )
Links to the officials, the affiliates, fellows fan-sites and the just fourforty pages.
The ratings beside the links are an approximation of how much information (in form of text or pictures) is on the specific site and not of anything else. Hover for the 'why' of it.