[rapid racer:screen]


General time format: Minutes:Seconds:Centiseconds.

POSITION IN RACE: Current position in the race - not applicible for Time Trial.
LAP # TIME: Current lap time (in the example, lap 3) encounts, the others are static - for comparison sakes.
CREDITED TIME TILL CHECKPOINT LEFT: The time you have till you need to reach the next checkpoint. In SUDDEN DEATH mode in 3-5 players, the checkpoints do not matter - instead, it shows you the time you need to complete the lap in.
INFORMATION: "Time Extended" - Appears when you pass a checkpoint. CREDITED TIME TILL CHECKPOINT LEFT briefly flashes the amount of seconds added to the time instead of it's usual countdown. | "Wrong Way!" - Appears when you're racing the track the wrong way. Vocalized. | "+ ##:##:##" in two-player mode, shows you how far you are behind (-) or beyond (+) the other player, in time. Displayed at checkpoints when the person lagged behind passes over it.
TOTAL TIME: Encounting. Time taken for the entire # laps of the course so far.
TURBO: See Facts & Hints:Special Items for details.
TURBO/STICKY GAUGE: See Facts & Hints:Special Items for details.
BONUS GAUGE: See Facts & Hints:Special Items for details. Applies only for 'One Race' and Championships.
ENGINE POWER GAUGE: Color gradient is blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, lime (turbo booster).