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(   <written and sung by members of apollo440>   )

Ewan: [Electro Glide In Blue]
Leiker: [Omega Point]
N: [Astral America]
N: [Blackout]
N: [Hold On (2 Wot U Got)]
N: [I Need Something Stronger]
N: [Liquid Cool]
N: [Millennium Fever]
N: [Tears Of The Gods]
MacKenzie: [Pain In Any Language]
MaryMary: [Carrera Rapida]
MaryMary: [High On Your Own Supply]
Ain't Talkin' Bout Dub
Cold Rock The Mic
Crazee Horse
Heart Go Boom
Raw Power
White Man's Throat
Stadium Parking Lot
Stealth Requiem
Stop The Rock
Yo! Future

(   <over 50% sampled from movies or from elsewhere, inclusive of snipes off their own songs>   )

Movie "Charlie's Angels 2000":[Charlie's Angels 2000 (@440 Dialog)]
???:[Destiny (C.I.S. '92)]
Gene Palma:[Krupa]
???:[Lolita (Original U.K. Hardcore - Edit)]
Movie "Lost In Space":[Lost In Space]
Rumble, Astral America (Spirit Of America Remix):[Rumble / Spirit Of America]
???:[Wall Of Death]

(   <written by other people>   )

Blue Oyster Cult:[Don't Fear The Reaper]
Devoto:[Film Me And Finish Me Off]
Devoto:[Pain Is A Close Up]
28 Days:[Say What]