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The GENRE section is the 'most complete' of these.
Looks like I won't properly complete 'by year' and 'appearances', ever, as no one out there (not even FiSo) knows all of that.

The truth behind album setups and how Apollo440 are trying to subvert the charts with psychological measures.

Seriously! Track2 and Track7 of their albums are always singles! It's all planned! @_@
And there's always 3 out of each album as it was @ first release (Electro Glide In Blue's first release being without Raw Power).
And, and, and.... *suffers overload*

Album 4 stats as were predicted by Neike and how true they are:
* 14 tracks long - false - 18 tracks.
* Charlie's Angels 2000 will be track 7 - sorta (B-Side is!).
* Cover will be yellow-ish - yes.
* Title of album will have 8 words - sorta (2 CDs, both with a 4-letter title - 2*4 = 8?).