You will not be accepted a member of the Shrine unless the following are completely lived after.

Rule 1:
You will worship Apollo 4 40 as The Gods Of Music. You can have other gods beside them, but you may not pray to other Music Gods, for they are all fake, their power is non-existant. Only Apollo 4 40 are truely great.

Rule 2:
You will not listen to any other music whilst you are close to the Shrine. You define close - but make it too close and prepare to have yourself kicked out and permanently demoted.
You are very well allowed to hear music from other bands aswell, just stay at distance to all holy places.

Rule 3:
Should MTV or any of your local music senders happen to play an Apollo Four Forty song whilst your radio is playing pop or anything non-holy, you will instantly switch off the radio, for the mere sound of the Four Forty songs - whether muted or truely moving through the room - make this a holy place. See Rule 2 about holy places and other music.
If you have the TV muted, you will instantly turn it loud for the Four Forty song! Failure to do so will dishonour you.

Rule 4:
Beyond even the normal Four Forty, you will worship Noko. It is not a great crime if you prefer Trevor, but when on an official ceremony, you will show greater respect to the true mind - The Ultimate God Of Music.

Rule 5:
You will buy at least one album from Apollo 4 40. If you cannot get your paws on one, you will have to make up by buying at least two singles. You can expand your collection to any heights you wish.
Place these sacred disks/MCs/vinyl disks far from any sources of unholy music in your room, and not into the CD rack with non-Four Forty bands in it. Best is, you buy them a seperate CD rack and write onto it 'Apollo Four Forty Ownz U', then you can put them anywhere, since this sentance works to unholy vibes like garlic to vampires and will leave your CDs holy even near sound output.

Rule 6:
You will spread The Meaning Of Life! If no one has yet told you yet what it is, it is in the scream of The God Of Music a/k/a Noko's bottleneck-slide!
Telling friends will suffice.

Rule 7:
You will spread their music!
MP3s are a nice invention, and even if it is illegal, copy the songs you have to mp3 format and send SOME - not all, for that is a sin - out to your friends to make them curious. Make them buy albums/singles.
Popular songs : Astral America , Pain In Any Language , Liquid Cool , Lost In Space , The Perfect Crime , Stealth Mass

Rule 8:
Abuse of the name Noko, Frederick Pasquan or Norman Fisher-Jones is a BIG NONO! What is allowed is the use of these names for interesting and creative purposes, since that reflects thus His superior mind and therewith is something He would want.

Rule 9:
At least once in your mortal life you will travel to London.

Rule 10:
At least once a day you will recite one Apollo 4 40 song's lyrics. You can do so by:
- writing them down nicely
- singing them
- speaking them
- pasting them in chat
Rule 11:
Thou shallt keep in mind the 15th of March as is outlined in our scriptures.
Rule 440:
Thou shallt not tamper with the God's music, for it must be preserved in its purest form.