It is neccessary to pray at least once a week. The rules of this proceedure are simple. You might need a compass, though.

Rule 1:
When praying, you must face Liverpool or London.
If you happen to live in the sacred city of Liverpool, you will face London.
If you live in the sacred city of London, you have thus two choices - either you will inform yourself about the location of Apollo Central, then face that, or face to Liverpool.

Rule 2:
You will not ask for anything aside from a new LP or Single. Any failure to do so will leave you dishonored and, if found out, you will be booted out of the Cult.

Rule 3:
Your prayers must all end in 'melody'. 'Amen' is hopelessly overused.

Rule 4:
If you do pray for a new single or LP, remember you have to do something for that yourself. Please regard the section rituals for this purpose.

Rule 5:
Noko is the ultimate God Of Music. If you ever dare to mock Him, remember he is a master of both psychology and the astral plane. If you anger him enough, he will take care of you personally - which won't be pleasant. But see it this way, you suffer in honor.
If He does not visit you - do not dare to mock that he is incapable. For He is very well capable. But with all these prayers coming in daily for a new LP and Single, you'd expect him working with The Holy Guitar instead of bothering with a worm like you.

Rule 6:
Noko is the ultimate God of Music. You will respect Him beyond Trevor Gray and Howard Gray and all those who have been made gods and joined Apollo 4 40. This, however, does not mean you will not show respect to the others! Just... a tiny bit less.

Rule 7:
No rule, just a suggestion. The greek god Apollo, which is one of two reasons ( the other being the Apollo Spacecraft Series ) Four Forty have their name, is to be worshipped - for he is the god of entertainment, of music and of "general gorgeousness" (The God Of Music - Noko).