geNesis: [4:4] In the very beginning, ne rien existe pas, and Noko got so bored with this nothingness that he, after a game of backgammon with Howard Devoto and the two Gray brothers, decided to create the entirety of the world for His amusement, with all flaws and evils that are commonly considered 'morally wrong' included in this paradise, so that it could be admired, as one of the rules of the newly created world was dualism. [4:5] He had spoken: "Let it be so that if the emotion 'hate' will be abolished, that the word shall be taken and applied to him who loves the least." [4:6] It was especially amusing to see how they who inhabited the created world would philosophically assume it was real, or that one would need to change to be enlightened properly by doing what soon became known amongst the mortals as 'morally good' - a concept, that, in itself, amused Him greatly - or that dancing around naked in circles would summon demons, or that Santa Clause really did exist.... but it was good, as it proved man had imagination. And it was the 1980's.
[5:4] But now there was an absolute silence. [5:5] And from this silence, due to man's newfound "creativity", the chaos of sounds, scratches and beats erupted. But there was no order, nor beginning, nor end, and so it came to be that His Najesty spoke: [5:6] "Let there be a play button and a stop button." - And in such a way He seperated the sounds and the silence. And He saw that it was good, and this pleased Him.
[6:4] The next day, His Najesty woke to realise that there was still something lacking. The sounds now had a beginning and end, but they were still completely random! [6:5] So He spoke unto the world: "Let there be notes and chords. Let them form what I will call a Melody." - And in such a way the first music came to be. And He saw that it was good and called it His own.
[7:4] But there were no professional means to create these sounds with newfound order. So, the following day, His Najesty spoke unto the world again, and He said: [7:5] "Let there be musical instruments, mixers, sequencers and let computers learn to deal with sound so that they may be used as tools of enlightenment." - And in such a way all the utensiles for the creation of music - the main source and sense of life - came to be. And He saw that it was good, and He was proud, and kept it that way.
[8:4] On the day that followed, His Divine Intellect called for the Gray brothers, and together they created their theta-wave enhanced music, which was very good. [8:5] But it was not published, and this saddened His Najesty, so He spoke: [8:6] "Let there be CDs, vinyls and other music media, so that Our music may be recorded and spread, and remain immortal." - And it was so, and it was good, as it relieved the inhabitants of the world of the need to endure bad music.
[9:4] But no living being was sophisticated enough to properly enjoy their music, and this saddened His Najesty much, and so He said: [9:5] "Let there be a creature capable of worship, as that it may worship Our music and recognize it as what it is - the essence of life." - [9:6] And so it came to be that His Divine Intellect's Smaller Incarnation (short: H'Disi) was created, [9:7] a being with enough power and reasoning to comprehend the potency of Their music.
[10:4] Much to His Najesty's shock, H'Disi however did not use his intellect for good. [10:5] Vile, he plotted against his Creator, and denounced his divinity and magical powers, [10:6] and spread word amongst the mortals that They were fake Gods, Their power did not exist. This saddened and angered His Najesty so much that he banned H'Disi into a mortal body.
[11:4] He analyzed His failure and realised that H'Disi had turned against Him due to his knowledge of his near equal power, [11:5] so he thereafter only focussed on regular humans. These humans were given the power to realise and then set onto the world to live as they pleased. Not all of them eventually came across the Divine Music, [11:6] but those that did became the first FourFortyists.

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And His Najesty spoketh upon His people, and he thus said: "Let this thread be bless'd with the Holy soundwave, that they who listen may be granted eternal bliss and sonic immortality.
"Go out into the world and spread happiness, promote dancing and singing, as that they who heed your words may thwart hyperrealism by ignoring it's lures. Yes, you are truly doing good, Apollo Apostles.
"Let no note of rhythm & blues get you down. You cannot fail."
And with these words, He concluded His speech, and passed to Neike the title of Pink Goth The Second, and he doth bless'd her, so that she may have the power to enlighten those in the clutches of the woe brought upon the world by Destiny's Child.

- Neike @pollyon Satana

"Thou shallt keep in mind the fifteenth of March of any year, as this is Stealth Sonic Day, a day which's importance shallt not be underestimated. For this is the day His Najesty chose to speak unto his people [ed: Neike in paticular], enlightening and opening the eyes of His mortal followers to the true values of the world.
Thou shallt, if thou can, go to London on this day. Thou shallt rejoice, and thou shallt have fun to the Holy music. Think of the gift granted to the world by the Gods of Music on this day, especially on this day, and speak to people who share thine frame of mind.
On this day, thou shallt not go out to convert other minds, as this is indeed tiring, and this day was meant to be enjoyed, as enjoyment is the true essence of FourFortyism. [ed: Under no circumstances may it be permitted to anyone to mope - for there is no reason, and one should never do something without a reason.]
So remember the fifteenth of March and keep it well in mind, that thou doth not forget this magical time.
- Neike @pollyon Satana

"And then there is H'Disi, He who was sent by the Gods to deceive us, occasionally appearing to the mortals as the entity Joerg Fitzner. Be wary of him."
- Neike @pollyon Satana

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As the Magistra of the FourFortyism Cult (and because I was invited) I hereby post in hopes to reach ye who are not yet bless'd with the divine music. *long, meaningful, significant pause* Apollo 4 40 have thus far released singles which display nothing of their genre variation, with few exceptions. Their true potential remains hidden from the mortal world. Whether intentional (as a test for said mortals) or due to the intervention of the evil demigod H'Disi, the Underdog, the Cult is here to increase your chances of finding musical bliss. Go, ye, into the music shops, and go, ye, and buyeth CDs, CDs labelled according to divine will and classed by us mere humans as 'albums': Electro Glide In Blue (1997), Dude Descending A Staircase (2003), Millennium Fever (1994), Getting High On Your Own Supply (1999). Or just message me and I'll give you a download link. :P All ye who have already indulged in albums by the Gods, or own said silver discs containing the Holy bottleneck-slide, please do respond to this message and tell me what caused you to find the One True Path - or what attracted you, perhaps even appalled you... Be warned, though, ye heathen who respondeth here - smitten be thou if you reveal yourself!
- Neike @pollyon Satana