Listed by service, then by reverse chronological order (oldest first).

[ed: Frederick is the character of mine (= Neike's) I stole two of Noko's aliases for [Noko, Frederick Pasquan]. I'm not creative, really. But I do know the difference between fiction and reality. And that, despite how much I stole of Noko's self, my Frederick character is not Noko. */disclaimer* Putting this here because certain other people (ahem *clearing of throat*) don't seem to realise this...]

Neike's personal favorites are Malice quotes. Malice & Neike share a philosophy that is that of LaVeyian Satanism (They do not worship the devil, nor eat babies, nor summon deamons, nor think Christians are the scum of the world, nor... well, you get the point. Look it up.), and are both hyperactive to no end. But Malice is worse. Far, far worse. Please, see for yourself: A sample of Malice's insanity.
[E V E N T S]


[17:21] <Stealth_Solid> @ will be touring soon, and then all hell wil break loose...
[17:22] * joerg (joerg@dm-3690.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #stealth
[17:22] <Neike> JOERG!
[17:22] * Neike pounces
[17:22] <joerg> hello!
[17:22] <Neike> Oh my noko! lol
[17:22] <Neike> How are you?

[19:39] * parelle bows
[19:39] We're having a virgin sacr- ... erm, I mean, we're having a FourFortyist turning going on today, for your viewing pleasure, M'Lord.
[19:39] Neike: Ain't talking done. Send more.
[19:40] See?
[19:40] ty
[19:40] =)
[19:40] I see... *eyes Lucifa* *lol*


[The Luxuria - Beast Box video]
Neike: *shudders more* Oooh, or the We Keep On Getting There one
Fatnick: is that, the people walking down the roadything?
Neike: Yea
Fatnick: *shudders*
Neike: That's almost a music video, isn't it?
Neike: Almost. I mean
Neike: Almost, honestly now.

Malice: Dude... you deserve to be, like, Noko's personal sex slave or something :P

Malice: I am heartbroken, btw, to learn of Noko having toured with the Cure..... that's like God touring with Jesus... if, of course, I were that *particular* kind of freak...

coldrockthemic: I've got very good news 4 you and all the other @440 e-fans...
pinkgoth2: Ooh? Album?! :D Say yes? *L*
Malice: SAY YES?!?!
pinkgoth2: coldrockthemic: sadly, no - but sth else pinkgoth2: Ah, DARN
Malice: damnit!
Malice: better be, like, Noko naked or something

Neike: Hey, yeah. I have two Noko Shrine projects *remembers*
Neike: (1) Compare Noko and Devoto. List DIFFERENCES. ;)
Neike: (2) List Noko's hairstyles through the ages.
Neike: ... I have no life :D
prismwind: But you have the meaning of life... ;)

Armada87: I had a weird dream that my brother got a Noko-style haircut. O___o;
Neike: ... o.o
Neike: ...should I worry?
Neike: Don't answer that. I'll worry.

Malice: *shrug* so you're'a email his magnificence, and explode everywhere all over his monitor in shining puddles of excited glittery Neike-goo
Malice: then what? O.o

[after taking my @440 personality quiz]
Malice: how come it surprises me that I got Noko? Or that you like me?
Neike: Former
Malice: he's so... smart... and talented... and... so very... very... Noko... and... I'm not
Malice: though my hair bears a certain resemblance to his in it's shimmering multifaceted constant state of flux

GodSentUs: you should have a sparkly pants section. [ed: ref. to Astral America]
GodSentUs: *nods sagely*
GodSentUs: i like it, by the way. it is aaaaaawesome
GodSentUs: except for the lack of mentioning of sparkly pants
Neike: Sparkly pants... I forgot your fetish, there
GodSentUs: :D
GodSentUs: it's not a fetish, it's a healthy obsession?

Malice: I'm used to being called a goddess, but being compared to Him [ed: Noko] is something else entirely
Malice: I'm not sure just what
Malice: but I bet it has fabulous hair

[about Immi Way, who is a catholic, and a fan of Noko's music]
Neike: BTW
Malice: mm?
Neike: You should show him the Pentagram.
Malice: yours?
Neike: No.
Neike: *eg*
Neike: Noko's
Malice: OH!!
Malice: OH OH OH!!!
Malice: OH!
Malice: ...
Malice: Cleanup in aisle twelve!
Neike: lol
Malice: link?
Neike: http://www.noko440.com/gallery.html
Malice: I still think Noko is one of ours... I thought so anyway, 'member?
Neike: *nodnod*
Neike: But you KNOW I agree with you on that matter :)
Neike: BTW
Neike: Have you ever read "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand?
Malice: ROFL!
Malice: he did this.. pointing... speechless... thing
Neike: LOL
Neike: *death by laughter*
Malice: then said "that's a... downwards pointing star.. in Noko's apartment..."

Neike: http://440.datavibe.net/fourforty/song_filmmeandfinish.html
Kayura: Very, very nice
Neike: ^_^
Neike: And then Noko vocals
Neike: What more could you ask for :P
Kayura: Naked Noko Pictures?
Neike: Oh, fuck you :D
Kayura: Aw, don't go getting all romantic on me :-D


<Neike{high}> "Welcome to a realm where when you bang your head against the wall, the wall cracks first; when you haul in virtual Apollo 4 40 bandmembers into chat and they start to manifest themselves as yet another split personality in your own mind; where people are just plain nuts. Welcome, to The Data Claw."
<Neike{high}> *cue the Twilight Zone Theme*
<Neike{high}> x_x

<Neike> Don't you hit me! threatens to... hmmm...
* Neike threatens to brainwash you like so: Get a diskman, plug it into your ears, take duct tape, tie your hands together, wrap duct tape around your head, trapping the earplugs, make the diskman solar powered, tie you to a pole in the Sahara desert so you can't find shade and put I Need Something Stronger on repeat!
* Neike cackles insanely.
<StarMyst> i'd orgasam
* Neike would, too, lol

<SF_Explorer> I like the Noko screenname, it fits you
<Neike> lol
<Neike> I wonder what The Real Noko would say to that comment
* Neike laughs
<SF_Explorer> probably be glad you like their music so much
<Neike> lol
<SF_Explorer> then...look a little worried too maybe
<SF_Explorer> :)

<Fatnick> cool! apollo 4 40? how they linked to luxuria?
<Neike> Noko
<Neike> :)
<Neike> <nooo, look away from Devoto. The OTHER guy. Yeah. That's right. HIM. That's Noko.>
* Neike giggles.
<Fatnick> i wondered where he scuttled away to.

* Neike snuggles-a Noko, a Trevor Gray and a Howard (!coincidence!) Gray.
<Fatnick> lol
<Fatnick> i wonder if my musical talent would improve if i change my name to howard?

<Neike> Not crazier than Devoto, I hope?
<Fatnick> devoto? is anyone! the little man with the big glasses scares me.

[discussion about suicide]
<Fatnick> and BTW i think devoto is probably far far far to arrogant to ever consider suicide...

*** Nikkita has quit IRC (Exit: Pain is the best all-purpose preservative. (:Devoto))
<StarMyst> i wonder
<StarMyst> that Devoto comment.
<StarMyst> if it torture my cucumber, will it last longer?

<Neike> `eightball Is N The Holy Letter?
<GameServ> Neike: Absolutely yes!
<Neike> It's not broken ^_^;;

* Neike bans all Apollo 4 40 CDs and mp3s (along with related stuff) from the channel during Jihad times.
<ThePerfectReaper> w00t!
<Neike> The stuff has brainwashing factors, Gun. If we tolerate it amongst us, we'll lose.
*** ChanServ has quit IRC (lostweyr.ca.us.darkmyst.org services.darkmyst.org)
<Neike> They didn't listen! They listened! ... err...

<Neike> "Welcome to the sophisticated sound of Apollo Foah Foahtee. We have your brain cornered. Have it come out with it's nerves up. It's due for some washing!"

* StarMyst writes song lyrics to worship his god...... Noko - the @440 one
* Neike laughs
<StarMyst> "our god is an awsome god"
<Neike> lmao
<StarMyst> it goes on
* Neike giggles
<StarMyst> "he reigns from Camdem above"
<StarMyst> "with rock, guitar, and glove"
<StarMyst> "our god is a awsome god"

[Not really referring to @440, but to guitars, so it goes here:]
<StarMyst> i dont think its anger AT anyone it think its just "lets take some frustration out on an inaimate object"
<Neike> Poor guitar, hm?
<StarMyst> nah, Gutiars are Masochists, they love it

* ThePerfectReaper jams to DFTR
<ThePerfectReaper> Ahhhhhhhh la la la laaaaa
* Talos Spears gun then picks him up & jackhammers him
* ThePerfectReaper slaps Talos!
<ThePerfectReaper> NEVER interfere when I am Ahhhhhhhh la la la laaaaaing!!!!!! >_<

<Neike> "We came to wreck everything and ruin your life... God sent us." *lol*
* Neike listens to the song. Can't type it out or is going to boot Nikki out the net *g*
<Neike> (and so The Song becameth known as The Noko DarkMeister Of Drum And Bass Remix Of A Hoodlum Priest Song; aswell as The only DarkDrum&Bass Song in existance)

* Neike listened to Liquid Cool this morning and honestly couldn't survive it. She fled the room to seek asyl in the kitchen.

<Neike> What's on?
<Nikkita> we keep on getting there
<Neike> Put on Altamont!
<Neike> It's got a funky groove!
<Neike> It's Noko-writen =P
<Neike> What more would you want?

* Frederick fishes the key out of his pocket as he reaches the house and unlocks the door, before pushing it open. [... He's] absently pondering whether to go to the kitchen for a beer or upstairs to read, or down to tell his guitar he's not broken up with it and that it needn't worry.
* Frederick <><< chuckles >><>
<Frederick> <><< "I'm sorry, love. Can you forgive me?" - "*twang*" >><>

* Frederick strolls in and wordlessly sits down, popping another slide of orange into his mouth. Chew, gnaw, grin.
<Frederick> <><< slice^ :D >><>
<Frederick> <><< Woot. My religion haunts me! >><>

<Drakon> I actually don't like this charlies angels remix
<Drakon> like what they did to it rocks
<Drakon> but the origional song just plain sucks lol
<Drakon> not their fault

<Nikkita> *weak grin* don't do tha ..eeee *twitches and hugs back, wildeyed*
<Neike> She probably had the most vivid dreams of Noko with a green streak *g* *attempted elaboration*
<Nikkita> *twitch purrs*
<Neike> That's a yes.
* Neike translates *g*

<Eagle> You have a soul?
<Neike> Actually, no, I lost my soul late 2000 ;>
<Eagle> What for? In exchange for Satanism?
<Neike> No. In exchange for @440 :D
<Eagle> So thats why he responded to your emails
<Neike> lol, Eagle, that's... an interesting theory. In fact, I think it royally freaks me out.
* Neike reads first line of it again. "My god. You're right." XD
<Eagle> What was the first line?
<Neike> "Hi there, Noko440 @ your service" <- I hired a demon, me thinks :D
<Eagle> LOL. You did!
<Neike> This proves it, though. I cannot help being a mindless slave :D XD

[The Noko-friend obsession]
<Neike> WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY FUCKED UP MIND?! *yells* Work, you stupid thing, my mom paid 9 months for you.
<GodSentUs> which..t hing..isn't..working
<Neike> My head

<Nikkita> I'm not jumping for no biscuit ............
<Nikkita> however tasty it may look ... or smell
<Nikkita> or ... uh ....uhm ... *shuts up*
<Neike> And if it was a Noko-shaped biscuit?

<Raemuz> of COURSE you're listening to that Apollo thingie band type place with people in it...

[on Noko's "Et In Arcadia Ego"]
<Malice> the literal translation was annoying enough, now you want me to interpret the intent of an admittedly mad englishman with an intellectual capacity and knowledge of philosophy that makes mine look seriously dodgy?

<prenna> Yeah but us guys are losers...so shes right.
<Neike> -_-
* Neike smacks you.
<Neike> Don't generalize. Noko's not a loser. :D <I'm not going to bother trying to convince you that you're not a loser either, by the way, but rest assured I don't think the term applies to you, either.>
<prenna> Noko's quite obviously different....not even human!
* Neike pretends you didn't just say that for the sake of her own mental health.
<prenna> That was a compliment to Noko by the way
<Neike> Yes, I know. ^_^ If I had thought anything else, you would be a bloody smear on the wall now ;)

* Neike giggles @ the sitemeter for her Apollo 4 40 Shrine... Average Visit Length 4:41

[The never ending Noko saga theme.]
<H'Disi> well then...
<H'Disi> u think u understand him...
<H'Disi> and u think he understgands u...
<H'Disi> thats _perfect_ communication
<Neike> lol, Joerg :)
<Neike> You're right! ;)
* Neike laughs
<Neike> That is a freaky way to look at it.

* Neike sings "He who lives these words, shall not taste death"
<H'Disi> which song is that? (i dare to ask)

[Speaking about a dream Joerg/H'Disi had]
<H'Disi> after a while, Noko's sister came in and walked up a round staircase within the flat
<H'Disi> that's it
<Nikkita> Noko has a sister?!
<H'Disi> not that I know!

<Malice> oh my Noko I needed that.. I have been largely @-less for weeks... it's like hell, you know? Where they used to believe that Hell was just a place without God... the truth is, they were right... they just didn't know that God was Noko and that Hell was living without @440 music

<H'Disi> (you shoudn't stick to fucking genres anyway!)
<Neike> Hey!
* Neike smacks Joerg around a few times with an empty Punica:RedFruits glass bottle. *THWACK* *THWACK* *SHATTERCRASH*
<Neike> Do I look to you like I do?
<Neike> Would I listen to @440 if I did?
<H'Disi> isn't Noko a genre?

<Malice> I bet you're gonna run round Hackney looking for that eeevil window that scared Immi
<Malice> (I would :p)
* Neike grins.
<Neike> Yes. ^_~
<Malice> (And then I'd take fotos & bring them back & scare him with them even more :p)
<Neike> lol
<Malice> if you *find* the window... what then?
<Neike> Hmm.
<Neike> I could go bonkers?
<Neike> :)
<Neike> "AAH! AAAH! *mad, mad pointing*"
<Malice> you gonna run up & ring His buzzer & explode all over his intercom in glittery puddles of excited Neike-goo?
<Neike> lol!
<Malice> Or just explode right there in the street?

<Malice> lol @ Joerg "Isn't Noko a genre?"
* Neike smirks
<Neike> Such a heathen ;P
<Malice> heh
<Malice> so he's like the nemesis of fourfortyism?
<Neike> Yup.
<Neike> The evil Overlord of [White] Light, Demigod H'Disi, The Underdog, The Joerg. :P
<Malice> do we have a daily two-minutes hate a-la 1984, or do we just plot his demise in an abstract, non-commital manner?
<Malice> wave a bit of demise at him when he enters the room
<Malice> send him demise care-packages when we remember...
<Malice> demise is an important part of the balanced diet of any nemesis

<Neike> Oh, and. Noko's current hairstyle makes him look like my dad. I fear. Much. :P *lol*
<H'Disi> you can actually identify his hairstyle on those thumby pics? ;)
<H'Disi> btw
<Neike> Yeah, actually
<Neike> Yes?
<H'Disi> it's not the haircut he got when I saw him (or it's just combed away in a tricky way)
<Neike> Do tell.
<H'Disi> no, it was undescribable
* Retrieving #stealth info...
* Neike changes topic to '12((2( @440 Fandom Channel, Version 2.0 2)12))14 - [topic] 12apolloforfooty - Dude Descending A Staircase - The Album (June 23rd) - One, two, three...14 - [randomness] 12We are totally random and proud of it!14 - [countdown]12 11 days'
<Neike> Hmm, pity.
<H'Disi> the fact his hairdresser began becoming desperate speaks for itself?!
<Neike> LOL!
<Neike> How desperate? :D
<H'Disi> you know... like, rolling his eyes to the cieling...
<H'Disi> complaining about his sophistication
* Neike *chortle*
<H'Disi> ...asking for a compass
<Neike> LOL
<H'Disi> I know you want to become his hairdresser now.... :D

* Neike is now known as Psycho
* H'Disi is now known as Psycho4
<Psycho> Hey.
<Psycho4> Yo!
* Psycho is now known as Psycho440
<Psycho4> bah :P
<Psycho440> :D
* Psycho4 is now known as Psycho4Neike
<Psycho440> Damn.
<Psycho440> We could try to change nicknames so often, the others will loose track of who is who :P
<Psycho440> That's always fun ;)
<Psycho4Neike> lol
* Ky chuckles
* Psycho440 is now known as Psycho777
* Ky is now known as Psycho440
<Psycho777> ^_^
* Psycho440 chuckles
* Psycho777 is now known as ElectronicPsycho
* Psycho4Neike is now known as Psychoose
<ElectronicPsycho> D'oh :)
* ElectronicPsycho is now known as N`PsychoPas
<N`PsychoPas> :D
* Psycho440 is now known as PsychoHighway
* Psychoose is now known as Pschyrembel
<N`PsychoPas> It'll be a while before I run out of ideas.
<N`PsychoPas> Remember, I'm very good at recycling ;)
* Pschyrembel is now known as Psyko
* N`PsychoPas is now known as PlanetOfTheSuperPsycho
* Psyko is now known as Escaper
* Escaper is now known as EscapeThePsycho
* PsychoHighway is now known as PsychoChemistry
* EscapeThePsycho is now known as PsychmareOnAltamontSuperhighwa
* PlanetOfTheSuperPsycho is now known as AstralPsycho
* PsychmareOnAltamontSuperhighwa is now known as StraightjacketInBlue
* StraightjacketInBlue is now known as MenInPinkCoats
* MenInPinkCoats is now known as CheckYourPsychoAtTheDoor
* AstralPsycho is now known as DiamondEncrustedPsycho
<CheckYourPsychoAtTheDoor> <door-keeper> you are not allowed to enter #stealth, you are not a certified Psycho!
* DiamondEncrustedPsycho gets a stomach ache from the laughing.
* Starmyst is now known as platinumcoatedrat
* CheckYourPsychoAtTheDoor patpats DiamondEncrustedPsycho
* DiamondEncrustedPsycho is now known as TheRisingPsycho
* PsychoChemistry giggles
* platinumcoatedrat is now known as Starmyst
* CheckYourPsychoAtTheDoor is now known as Iridiumanic
* PsychoChemistry is now known as MillenniumPsycho
* MillenniumPsycho snickers
* TheRisingPsycho is now known as Nsycho
* Iridiumanic is now known as AsylumParkingLot
* AsylumParkingLot is now known as DefinitiveDigitalPsycho
* DefinitiveDigitalPsycho is now known as aka_DrillerKiller
* aka_DrillerKiller is now known as LiquidFool
* LiquidFool is now known as PadIsACloseUp
* Nsycho is now known as EtInAsylumEgo
* MillenniumPsycho shivers
<EtInAsylumEgo> Hah, beat this ;)
* MillenniumPsycho is now known as Don
* Don is now known as DontFearthePsycho
* EtInAsylumEgo is now known as BulletproofPsycho
* PadIsACloseUp is now known as ItsInTheScreamOfMyPsycho
* DontFearthePsycho is now known as Psychodescendingastaircase
* ItsInTheScreamOfMyPsycho is now known as StopTheDoc
<BulletproofPsycho> Okay, okay, who's who? ;)
* Psychodescendingastaircase grins a bit
<StopTheDoc> I know that you know...

[starseed is being interrogated after being believed to be a spy for @440]
<H'Disi> OK, starseed, let's start with the easy questions...
<H'Disi> "What's the meaning oif life?"

<Neike> BTW, totally unrelated: Disco Sucks is growing on me.
<Neike> It's busy fighting Electronic Civil Disobidience for rank #1.
<H'Disi> nice
<Neike> It's so perverted it's good ^_^
* H'Disi sees a virtual soundwave fight, mentally
<Neike> THAT'S a thought!
* Neike plays both. Simultaneously!
<Neike> XD
<Neike> ROFL, that was hideous.
<H'Disi> <DS> *shouts* You bloody disobediant!
<H'Disi> <ECD> Ahh, take this, you sucker!
<Neike> lol!
<H'Disi> <DE/ECD> *blades go 'kling'/'klong'...*

* Arcturus tries to imagine you being a year old
* Arcturus . o O (Look, look. Meike's going to say her first word! *gurgle, gurgle* Noko!)

[HelplessCase : Neike, KinkKong : Joerg, and a lot of random energy and hyperness. No, we're not on drugs, and if we were, no, you couldn't have some.]
<HelplessCase> Can I be your groupie, too? *big eyes*
<HelplessCase> *bats eyelashes cutely*
<KinkKong> Groupie-dom is nothing the 'victim' could choose himself... :>
<KinkKong> So I couldn't do anything against it anyway.... *innocent look*
<HelplessCase> Point. >:)
* Nikkita chuckles
<HelplessCase> *pounces*
* HelplessCase asks for an autogram! And phonenumber! And address! *kiss* ^_^ Then remembers she already has your phonenumber and address. Picks up the phone...
<HelplessCase> lol :)
<KinkKong> I'll give you an autograph, whereever you want it...
<HelplessCase> OOooOoh.
<HelplessCase> *faint*
<HelplessCase> ^_^
* HelplessCase is now known as FaintedFan
<FaintedFan> <Norman> ...is it safe yet?
* KinkKong ties up FaintedFan as a small package, when nobody watches, and picks it up...
* Nikkita twitches
* KinkKong walks home with it, trying to appear as innocent as possible...
<FaintedFan> <Norman> Well, it looks like it is. Warn me when she wakes up. *wipes sweat off forehead*
<KinkKong> *whistle whistle*
<FaintedFan> (lol @ KK)
<FaintedFan> <Norman> Garbage disposal! Neat. I knew there was a reason I liked you.

<coldrocktheMiC!> and then I came back to my flat, ate sth and watched a movie with my flatmate - "Das Experiment" [...]
<coldrocktheMiC!> reminded me of "Schlaraffenland"
<coldrocktheMiC!> it's quite similar but has one obvious flaw - lacks @440 tunes :)

<H'Disi> It could be mean as a future where everyone is into Rap and saying "Yo"... a "Yo Future".
* Neike grins and nuzzes
<H'Disi> Serious. I think it's meant like that.
* Neike interpreted it as "Hey there, future. We're here with ya."
<H'Disi> But we have our differences about lyric interpretations anyway... *cough cough* Luxuria...
<H'Disi> Yeah, that the obvious interprtation... but do you think Noko could live with that?!
<Neike> LOL!
* Neike must. Quote.


Neike: The world is split into the people who are fans of Luxuria, and the people who don't care about them. Though I haven't met someone who hates their guts ;) Surprisingly.
Tarwedge: ah
Tarwedge: like marmite, but different

Tarwedge: i've listened to this song [ed: High On Your Own Supply] for ages now
Tarwedge: but it doesn't get worse
Tarwedge: why doesn't it get worse
Tarwedge: it should get all "old songy" on me
Tarwedge: but it refuses

Neike: *should send you the only @440 song she really, really, really dislikes* (yes, it happens)
Tarwedge: my god
Tarwedge: i know you didn't say that

Neike: How are you?
Stealth Solid: Oooh. That's a hard one. Dunno, depends on the release date... ;)

[Talking about the Shrine and this quotes page making life more dangerous]
Neike: I think I have a lot of courage to put those up on the site, seeing as that I am RATHER sure @440 go there from time to time, sulking about the fact they can't shut it down this time around..
Stealth Solid: Would they?
Neike: They got pissed off the last time around, why should they have changed their mind?
Stealth Solid: Hmmmm, I'm sure Noko is lurking to be the fourfortieth visitor. I'm betting on it.


>>So it's Noko singin' Devoto's lyrics!<<
[Neike] Sorta la 'LOOK, DADDY, I CAN SING TOO!' ... lol... Erm... lol.. *falls over laughing* It's that time a day again.

[Neike] *has renamed herself to PinkGoth2... yes, it's that bad. But, ey, The God Of Music has proven he's grand more than enough...* O Lord, teach me thine ways. e_x

[Joerg] Mail Me and Finish Me Off


H'Disi: Which level in hell did we achieve in Dante's Inferno test?
Neike: 6th
H'Disi: And... what was it like... the higher the number the 'deeper' in hell?
Neike: Indeed.
H'Disi: (the better?)
Neike: *snicker*
H'Disi: And what's max?
Neike: 9 I think.
H'Disi: Oh
H'Disi: <quote>
H'Disi: Level 9 - Cocytus
This is the deepest level of hell, where the fallen angel Satan himself resides. His wings flap eternally, producing chilling cold winds that freeze the thick ice found in Cocytus. The three faces of Satan, black, red, and yellow, can be seen with mouths gushing bloody foam and eyes forever weeping, as they chew on the three traitors, Judas, Brutus, and Cassius. This place is furthest removed from the source of all light and warmth. Sinners here are frozen deep in the ice, faces out, eyes and mouths frozen shut. Traitors against God, country, family, and benefactors lament their sins in this frigid pit of despair.
H'Disi: </quote>
Neike: Sounds like Alcor
Neike: *cackle*